Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kate's Baby Shower

Last weekend we celebrated with Kate as we showered her with gifts to help prepare her and Mark for Harper's arrival. We had a great time eating, opening gifts, and playing the classic game "guess how big the pregnant mom's tummy is". There were a lot of wrong guess even a couple that went all the way around both Kate and I, but the finally winner was Aunt Tee Tee who has 5 grand children so she is pretty familiar pregnant tummies! We had a great time celebrating with Kate.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Big One

More Cake!

The Birthday Cake Pics

Grandmother Leahy made this birthday cake for Caleb and I frosted it to have for his one year old photos. He really loved the frosting but finally found the yummy chocolate cake.

Caleb gets Baptized

We decided to wait until Caleb's turns one and have him baptized so more family could be apart of that with us. It was such a special day to have both sets of Grandparents, his GiGi, Great Aunt Tee, Aunt Kate and Uncle Mark, and his two neighborhood grannies Ms. Billy and Ms. Janet there to celebrate with us as we are trusting in faith that there will not be a day that Caleb doesn't know Jesus as his Lord and Savior b/c God is a God of promises. It was a sweet day!

And some more!

More Birthday Pics

Here's some more!